Local Services and Resources

Clinical And Support Options - Emergency Services - Provides emergency psychological services for the area. Phone number for Northampton/Florence area is: 413-596-5555 or 1-800-322-0424.

Safe Passage - Provides support, shelter and counseling to women, children and families effected by domestic violence in our community.

The Northampton Center for Couples Therapy - Based in Florence, MA and run by Kerry Lusignan. A very good resource for quality couples therapy. 

Northampton Sex Therapy Associates - Based in Florence, MA. A very good resource for sex therapy (both sex-friendly individual therapy and sex-friendly couples therapy)  in the area.

Dr Donald Smith - In Northampton near Cooley Dickinson Hospital. Compassionate psychiatric care for adults.

Tapestry Health - Provides reproductive healthcare, and related counseling and testing to all those living in Western Massachusetts. Multiple sites including downtown Northampton and Amherst.

The People's Acupuncture Clinic  - Affordable, community based acupuncture and Chinese herbalism, including treatment for insomnia, depression, anxiety and other problems.

Blue Dragon Apothecary - Greenfield, MA - A Chinese herbal center with regular appointments and regular drop in clinic. Owner Mary Ryan has done specialization work in treating mental health issues using Chinese and Tibetan techniques.

Cancer Connection - A drop-in center offering support services to cancer survivors free-of-charge.

Mass Rehab - Provides vocational rehabilitation services to the residents of Massachusetts.

Western Mass Alcoholics Anonymous - A link to help find meetings in Western Massachusetts area. 

 SMART Recovery - a non-12-step substance abuse and self-management support group and training system. Find meetings both locally and online.

Local Meditation

Insight Meditation Center of Pioneer Valley - Easthampton, MA - Offering regular meditation groups and classes in insight / mindfulness meditation of the Theravada Buddhist tradition. Insight meditation ("vipassana") is one of the most studied forms of meditation in the world and has consistently been shown to have psychological, spiritual and physical benefits. 

Pioneer Valley Shambhala Center  - Northampton, MA - Part of a world-wide meditation tradition created by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. A very active Buddhist meditation tradition that aspires to create enlightened society through teaching of mindfulness meditation, compassionate practices and Tibetan Buddhist methods.

Two Streams Zen - Northampton and Easthampton - a Soto Zen community with sister temples - one in Northampton and one in Easthampton. A socially engaged tradition of Buddhism whose lineage goes back to Zen in Japan.

Tsegyalgar East - Conway, MA (with workshops around the area) - International Dzogchen Community  - A Tibetan Buddhist community under the leadership of Chogyal Namkhai Norbu. Teaching primariy esoteric Tibetan Buddhist practices, along with Yantra Yoga - a form of Tibetan Yoga that can help with mental health issues - and forms of meditative and Tibetan dance

Insight Meditation Society - semi-local - Barre, MA - A residential Buddhist meditation center in the Theravada tradition, offering short to long meditation retreats led by qualified teachers of Insight (vipassana) and other meditations.

National (non-local) Resources

National Domestic Violence Hotline - Provides crisis intervention, information and referral to victims of domestic violence, perpetrators, friends and families.

NAMI (the National Alliance on Mental Illness) - The nation's largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to improving the lives of persons living with serious mental illness and their families.

Dharma Seed - An online collection of Theravada Buddhist meditation talks ("dharma talks"). 

Audio Dharma - Gil Fransdal - One of Nick's favorite meditation teachers, Gil Fransdal, teaches in both Zen and Theravada Buddhist lineages.   

Tara Brach - Another nationally known meditation teacher, Tara Brach has written a books influential to both psycholog and meditation practice in the west. Her website contains talks, information about her books, a podcast and other links.

Upaya Institute and Zen Center - Includes talks and a podcast by teachers including Roshi Joan Halifax, a teacher of the Zen tradition.