You have more going for you than you think. Let me help you look within to find the resources and solutions you already have.


Feeling stuck? Tried everything?

Maybe you already know the answer to the questions you’re asking of yourself, but you can’t make the change you need to make. Maybe you’re struggling with depression, anxiety, or struggling to kick a habit, or your work or relationships just don’t fit you anymore.

It’s my life’s work to help people like you find what they need to get unstuck. My style of therapy is collaborative and strengths focused. My work is informed by the philosophy and psychological understandings of the Buddhist wisdom tradition, by humanistic therapy, and modern hypnotherapy traditions.

You're here because you want to make a change. If it was an easy thing, you'd have done it already. But congratulations on taking your first step. Even if yours is a journey of a thousand miles, you've begun. 

Please explore my website and take advantage of the resources we have here. If you're ready to make an appointment, feel free to contact me at any time.

Finding the right therapist

Finding the right therapist for you can be a difficult process but well worth the effort. More...

Who I am

My primary interest as a psychotherapist is helping people access and act from their intrinsic health. More... 


At the heart of all the techniques and models we use is the understanding that every person has a basic, intrinsic wellness. More...


Find guided meditations, books, articles and other resources to answer your questions and augment your growth. 

Contact me...

For more information or to make an appointment, feel free to contact me by phone at 413-207-2573 or email at My office is located in Northampton, MA in the historic Hampshire Bookshop building. Sessions are by appointment.